Monday, July 10, 2006

Is That Your Final Answer?

Jimmy McCracklin - My Answer

I wrote about Jimmy McCracklin in a December post, so I'll jump right into today's selection. "My Answer" was an R&B hit for McCracklin when released on Imperial in the mid-'60s. Over a very churchy backdrop and a chorus, Jimmy half-talks and half-sings his rejection of a former love's apology in a most soulful manner. After "My Answer" hit, McCracklin joined the list of artists to record an answer record to their own hit (in McCracklin's case, it was the answer to his "Answer," I suppose) with "Come on Home (Where You Belong)," on which he trades the churchy chorus for a horn section and takes back just about everything he said in his original hit. How's that for changing one's mind?

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