Monday, July 17, 2006

It's "R&B" Time: The Playlists, and Bobby Marchan!

"Rhythm & Booze" on Saturday night went very well! Kurt Wood joined me as a guest DJ, and so Kurt, Tim and I put down the soulful sounds! I did two sets. The playlists were as follows:

First Set (now available as Part One of the "Rhythm & Booze" Special):

1. Maskman & The Agents, "One Eye Open"
2. Cliff Nobles & Co., "The Camel"
3. Roy Hytower, "Undertaker"
4. Clarence Carter, "Thread the Needle"
5. Jackie Lee, "Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide"
6. Bobby Moore's Rhythm Aces Featuring Chico, "Go Ahead And Burn"
7. Carla Thomas, "Separation"
8. Jimmy Robins, "I Can't Please You"
9. Roscoe Robinson, "How Much Pressure (Do You Think I Can Stand)"
10. Ironing Board Sam, "Non Support (That's What The Judge Said)"
11. Muddy Waters, "Birdnest On The Ground"
12. Charles Spurling, "Popcorn Charlie"
13. Bobby Newsome, "Jody, Come Back And Get Your Shoes"
14. The Soul Clan, "Soul Meeting"
15. Bobby Marchan, "Shake Your Tambourine"
16. Johnnie Morisette, "I Know It Was Your Love"

Second Set (now available as Part Two of the "Rhythm & Booze" Special):

1. Andre Williams, "Rib Tips (Pt. 1)"
2. Jackie Moore, "Here I Am"
3. Bill Moss, "Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother"
4. The Soul Partners, "Walk On Judge"
5. June Conquest, "What's This I See"
6. The Mad Lads, "No Time Is Better Than Right Now"
7. The Ramrods, "Soul Train (Pt. 1)"
8. Branding Iron, "Right, Tight And Out Of Sight"
9. The Kindly Shepherds, "Jesus Lend Me A Hand"
10. Jimmy Lewis, "Where Was He?"

It was a lot of fun and I'm glad that Tim let me step out of the cyber world to lay out some real-life soul evangelism :) It was also great to meet some new friends who came from Macon to check it all out. There was a crazy lady there, too, who was trying to get too close to me on the dance floor, but that's a different story for another time (haha).

Today's selection was played late in the first set. R&B legend Bobby Marchan laid down a lot of good but under-appreciated dancers in the '60s on Dial, Cameo and Gamble that are worth checking out. "Shake Your Tambourine" was released on Cameo and features a great groove and fun vocals from Marchan.

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Larry Grogan said...

My fave Bobby Marchan 45, and a very nice set list too!