Saturday, June 23, 2007

Blues Gettin' Down!

Harmonica George - Get Some Order (About Yourself)

I don't know very much about Harmonica George, except that his "Get in the Kitchen and Burn" and "Get Some Order (About Yourself)" was a punchy 45 on Toddlin' Town from 1968 or 1969. Both sides feature a taut rhythm section and nice harmonica work from George, whose vocals have a King Coleman-esque sound. "Get in the Kitchen and Burn" appears on one of the first episodes of the podcast. "Get Some Order (About Yourself)" is featured today. The groove and George's vocals are joined by a male chorus on this one, and it's a fine record.

EDIT (6/23/07, 3:15 PM) - This in from Marc Demuynck:

(Liner Notes to Delmark LP 624-"Chicago Ain't Nothin' But A Blues Band")

Born June 12,1934 in Aberdeen,Mississippi,George W. Robinson learned harp from an older brother,Jesse.He came to Chicago in 1952 and started sitting-in in 1954.He began working with his own band a year later at The Embers,Grand & Damen,played the old Sylvio's at Oakleigh &Lake in 1956 with Elmore James,Howlin' Wolf and his own group.At the time these sides ("Sad And Blue / Sputnik Music"-for the Rev. Harrington's Atomic-H label) were recorded in the summer of 1959,he was working at the Happy Home,2200 blk. on West Madison.Other jobs have been with Elmore at the Grand Terrace Ballroom (famous for Jazz activity in the '20s and '30s) and a year later at the Playhouse Club,43d & Lake Park.After 1961 he worked as a cab-driver,though he has recorded for Toddlin' Town and Twinight since then.Perhaps Twinight will release an LP he made for them in July of 1969...(Bob Koester)

Thanks Marc!

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