Friday, June 15, 2007

The Correction Section

Betty Everett - You're No Good

Generally, I write the posts for this blog at work, during a twilight period between my arrival and my bosses' arrivals. It's one of the best times of day for me to get my wits about me, scan through my MP3 folder to pick something (although occasionally I will pick some MP3s in advance), gather my thoughts and then to write. Writing on the fly sometimes results in my making typos and poor grammatical choices (I try to proofread as I go but sometimes things get by me), but what I really hate is when it results in my giving factually incorrect information or omit very important information (in either case due to faulty memory or writing too quickly; trust me, I have no need to try to intentionally deceive anyone!) Today's post attempts to rectify one such omission.

When I did my first Betty Everett post back in April, I neglected to mention that Everett recorded and had an R&B hit with the original version of "You're No Good" (which Linda Ronstadt would take to the top of the pop charts a decade later). Ronstadt's version is a good record, to be sure, but the restraint of Everett's version, both in her vocal and the backing, is very appealing.

OK, now the record is straight on that matter! (6/18/07, 2:05 PM - See further corrections in the comments below; thanks for the information. So much for making corrections!)


Brian said...

1. Thanks, as always for the plug for my show!

2. Not only was this an R&B hit, but it made #51 on the Billboard Pop Singles chart.

Giese_Martin said...

May i be so bold: As far as i know, the original was done by Dionne's Sister Dee Dee Warwick on Jubilee in 1963 (same year as bettys version) and i love this the most (and there is also a nice version by Barbara West on Ronn). bye from Hamburg