Tuesday, June 19, 2007

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Gino Parks - My Sophisticated Lady

On the most recent edition of the podcast I included today's selection, but since I was trying to study for my Securities Regulation class while I was recording the show, I ended up questioning why Gino Parks' "My Sophisticated Lady" seemed to be trunctuated in the mix but then saying during the show's close that I must have been mixed up, because the tune was complete. Well, I was actually mixed up at that point, because the tune was trunctuated (it fades near the end of the last verse) - I must have accidentally hit a button or something while I was working on the show and studying simultaneously. To rectify that, I'll post the full tune today.

Gino Parks, who had recorded for Motown in the label's earliest days (his "For This I Thank You" is a great record I need to get a copy of for my collection), recorded "My Sophisticated Lady" for Golden World with Andre Williams producing. The intro features a proto-funk break beat (pretty funky for late 1965!) but then settles into a nice mid-tempo groove. Parks' (double-tracked?) vocals and the fine arrangement (dig how the strings quote "Any Day Now" in the tune's vamp and in the coda) really make this a nice one.

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