Friday, June 22, 2007

Ride On!

Louisiana Red - Ride On Red, Ride On

I'll start today's post with a plug: if you haven't already, take some time and check out Rob Baker's Hot Slop podcasts at (see links section). Rob's mixture of soul, garage, and '50s and '60s R&B (and Rob sure knows how to play some serious R&B rumpshakers!) is a guaranteed good time. Rob had considered ending the podcasts, but fortunately for all of us has decided to continue. I always enjoy hearing the show and hearing Rob spin at "Rhythm & Booze," where his picks keep dancers very happy.

Rob turned me on to today's selection when he guested at "Rhythm & Booze" back in May. I refer you to bluesman Louisiana Red's official website for biographical data about Red, born Iverson Minter, and about what he's up to now. "Ride On Red, Ride On" was a 1963 Roulette release that finds Red talking about his move to the North to escape Jim Crow discrimination, finding time to mention various "citizen's committees" and Little Rock along the way. Although Red is telling it like it was, the star of the tune is the highly-danceable groove, with its catchy bassline (try getting it out of your head after listening!) and great drumming. Ride on, Red! Ride on, Rob!

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