Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Soul Gospel Message!

Robert Banks - So Much To Thank Him For

Gospel singer, pianist and choral leader Robert Banks is best known among soul fans, and Northern Soul fans particularly, for the rocking "A Mighty Good Way" on Verve, which was featured on this blog some time ago. Banks recorded an album for Verve, The Message, which featured Banks and other soloists doing gospel tunes with touches of soul and pop such as "A Mighty Good Way" and today's selection. "So Much to Thank Him For" has a nice groove and good singing by Banks and a femme chorus.

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Barry said...

Jason...I got an email from Ed Boze..he listens to the shows..and he saw I had this on my playlist for the show 9th September.

Here is his message


Hey My Brother Barry,
Robert Banks and I go back a long way in Newark, NJ (USA). I haven't heard from him in years though. He had a great group made up of family members, as a matter of fact they were known as the Banks Brothers during their Gospel excursions. Robert was also known as "Professor Banks" as he taught college in Newark, New Jersey (USA). He had a huge family... all gospel folks. :-)