Monday, June 18, 2007

A Fanfare For The New Week

Darrell Banks - Open the Door to Your Heart

Darrell Banks' "Open the Door to Your Heart" is by no means a rare tune, so I won't write much about it except to say that if you don't know much about it or about Banks you can go to the Soulful Detroit site and learn plenty. The surging intro to this one is a great way to kick off a new week, so enjoy!

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SoulBrutha #1-Dave Beasley (Proud Splinters Member since 95) said...

One of my absolute favourite versions. I also like Jackie Wilson's version, which I posted a few weeks back. I doubt there's a bad version out there as it's such a fantastic song!! This is one of my favourite stops in the blogosphere and I want to give you some props and say thanks for all your efforts in keeping SOUL alive. All the best my brutha!!
Peace and SOUL,