Sunday, June 03, 2007

Get on Down With Episode #18!

Episode #18 of the podcast is now online and can be downloaded from the links section! Here's the playlist:

1. Simtec Simmons & Band - Limber Up
2. Jimmy Holiday - I've Been Done Wrong
3. Homer Banks - A Lot Of Love
4. Johnny & Jake - It's A Mess I Tell Ya'
5. Rose Batiste - Come Back In A Hurry
6. Emanuel Lasky - Don't Lead Me On Baby
7. Otis Redding - "Stay In School" PSA
8. Jimmy McCracklin - My Answer
9. Little Johnny Taylor - Zig Zag Lightning
10. Wallace Johnson - Something To Remember You By
11. Albert Collins - Do The Sissy (background music)
12. Soul Brothers Six - Thank You Baby For Loving Me
13. The Valentinos - I've Got Love For You
14. Fontella Bass - Coca-Cola Radio Ad
15. Gino Parks - My Sophisticated Lady
16. Ike & Tina Turner - Tell Her I'm Not Home
17. The Gospel Stars - Have You Any Time For Jesus
18. Eddie Purrell - The Spoiler
19. The Kittens - Ain't No More Room
20. Ollie & The Nightingales - You're Leaving Me
21. Betty Everett - Your Love Is Important To Me
22. Lattimore Brown - Bless Your Heart (I Love You)
23. The Lafayette Leake Trio - After Hours (closing theme)


dirk said...

Dear Jason,

Once again congrats for the selection you make us listen you. I'm dedicated follower of your website. Incredible joy it brings. Thank you very much.

Dirk from Antwerp (Belgium)

latanya215 said...

Co-signing everything Dirk wrote. Thanks again for the great music. :^)

MERK! said...

I love the commercials and PSAs. I am wierd like that; they are my favorite part of your podcasts.

Where do you find that stuff?

Rob Whatman said...

Hi Jason, I was just about to ask the same thing as merk!

The commercials really enhance the experience, and give the podcast that flavour of tuning into the radio on a summer day sometime in the 60s.

Another great show!


The Stepfather of Soul said...

Some years ago some organization did a CD of Coca-Cola radio ads of the '60s and '70s - at that time Coke did a bunch of spots featuring soul and pop singers singing the "things go better with Coke" jingle in a style similar to their current hits. A fellow soul fan sent me a bunch of those. Some of the Coke spots are included on boxed sets of certain artists (i.e., the Little Milton spots I use). The John R "Soul Medallion" ad and the E. Rodney Jones ad for the Staple Singers LP came from aircheck tapes of those two DJs. The Otis Redding "Stay in School" PSA came from an Otis boxed set. There are also CDs full of blaxploitation movie radio spots, etc. That's where those came from.

I got the idea of using such things from listening to "Mr. C's Soul Spectacular" on WFMU. I do it because (a) it's fun and (b) the commercials allow me to "change gears" in the set, especially when I want to put a ballad in or when I want to play a song that has a quiet opening which would require the preceding tune to come to a complete stop.