Friday, June 08, 2007

Funky Blues Friday!

Lowell Fulsom - Lovin' Touch

Lowell Fulsom's blues records have graced three episodes of the podcast so far and one blog entry, so it's obvious that I really like his work. So, to go into the weekend, I think a Fulsom funky blues is just what the doctor ordered. After "Tramp" was a hit for Fulsom (and Otis and Carla took it to new heights with their cover version), Fulsom and associates went back to the well for several follow-up records. Personally, I prefer the follow-up records, because the shaky groove of "Tramp" is strengthened in the latter records and the arrangements are sharper: with "Make a Little Love" (featured on Episodes 4 and 16 of the podcast), the faster groove and femme background singers really sell the song, and with "Lovin' Touch," today's selection, the groove is hard-hitting and the horn charts are very effective. Fulsom's in full confidence with the funk by this time, and his usual warm vocals are very nice.

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